Jul 4, 2013

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Agak lama missnice tak update blog ni,bukan  bermaksud missnice dah lupa cuma missnice busy dgn menjahit sulaman..selalu pun missnice share kat IG je..ok kat sini missnice postkan hasil kerjatangan missnice. Kepada yang berminat boleh hubungi missnice di no 013-3932477

May 20, 2013

Assalamualaikum semua..

Sejak akhir-akhir ni Missnice sibuk dengan sesuatu yang baru Missnice ceburi..disini Missnice nak berkongsi hasil kerjatangan pertama Missnice

Apr 24, 2013

For Food Lovers or those who love to cook

1) 365 recipes in one book..
 ~Main course recipes for every occasion, from midweek family meals and suppers to weekend dinners, festivals, celebratory events and classic sunday lunches..all dishes shown step by step in more than 1600 colour photographs~

2) 400 recipes
~More than 400 delicious, healthy and economical recipes, ranging from soups, appetizers, salads and vegetarian main dishes to meat, fish,desserts, cakes, breads and preserves~

3) Cupcakes, Cookies, Coffee Cakes
~Making delicious homemade baked goods is easier than you might think, andit is incredibly enjoyable, too. Within these pages you will find a wide range of recipes for mouth watering cakes, cookies, and other sweet ttreats to inspire you. Whether you are looking for a "little something" to enjoy with a cup of coffee, an after-school snack for yor children, or an indulgent cake to celebrate a special occasion, you will find this book soon becomes an essential item on your kitchen shelf~

4) Family Cookbook
255 pages with hardcover
 ~The comprehensive Family Cookbook is packed full of tasty and appealing recipes, including a full range of soups, starters and snacks, main meals and desserts, to help you create ahealthy balanced menu for all the family~


Candylicious Cotton

Hi everybody!apa khabar la blogger2 n sahabat2 Missnice semua..
MissNice doakan semua dalam keadaan/situasi yg menyenangkan..diharapkan semua bertambah bahagia dengan kehidupan harian masing2..
Kali ni MissNice nak berkongsi stok kain kapas yang MissNice ada..
Setiap pasang berukuran 4 meter
RM25 (Semenanjung-termasuk posting) & RM30(Sabah/Sarawak).
Kalu berminat, boleh sms/whatsapps MissNice 013-3932477
Utk1st batch ni MissNice uploadkn 4 pasang dulu




Jan 5, 2013

Book Book Book

Salam semua..

Miss Nice muncul kembali..Miss Nice sendiri trase macam biskut plak,,jap ade jap xde hu hu  hu.Kali ni Miss Nice nak share sesuatu yang lain skit..xde kena mengena dengan kain tapi BUKU/BOOK/KITAB.

Yang menariknyer Miss Nice nak offer buku dengan harga yg murah..best bargain gitu! kalau ade yg berkenan boleh msg Miss Nice yer..layaaaaaaaaaaan

P/s: Sesiapa yang berminat, boleh sms/whatsapps MissNice di no 013-3932477

1) Beauty and The Beast
    RM10.00 (termasuk penghantaran)

2) Five Little Ladybug
    Book and Hand Puppet dari UK
    Harga asal RM36
    Kini RM19.90 (termasuk penghantaran)


Picture Atlas  - Image

3) Picture Atlas
    Harga: RM20 termasuk penghantaran.
    Sesiapa yang berminat, boleh klik Picture Atlas untuk ketahui lebih lanjut.

6 minute morning exercise  - Image

   4) Buku-buku exercise
       Harga: RM12 setiap satu..MissNice menawarkan diskaun iaitu RM50 utk kesemua 5 buku diatas. Boleh klik di sini untuk lebih info.

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5) Buku-buku resepi Food Lovers.
    Pelbagai resepi masakan dikumpul dan disertakan dengan gambar-gambar berwarna yang menarik.
    Harga biasa RM24 setiap satu. Disini MissNice tawarkan RM15 setiap satu (termasuk

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6) Buku Kraftangan Reben.
    RM30 termasuk penghantaran (harga asal RM60).
Keep Yourself Thin  - Image 
7) Keep Yourself Thin
     For further info, please click here