Aug 19, 2009

How to Pay

Dear Customer,

After placing your order, you may remit 1st payment (50% deposit) into the following account no.

Account No.164548050819
Account Name.Dalini Ashila
H/P No.0133932477 / 0148078424

Then, please notify me by email (don't forget to copy of the reference n paste to your email with details of your order).

Once I get your notification,I will process your order and prepare for shipping. You will be notified to pay the balance before I send out your order. I will inform once your order is shipped out. Thank you

How to Order

Dear Customer,

i) If you have any inquiries (price/quotation etc), can email me at . I really appreciate if you guys can give your real name/nickname so I know who is who.

ii) You may proceed with placing your order by using full format email and please also state description of Item (code/size/ etc) that you want to order.

iii) Then, pay a deposit of 50% of your total order costs.

iv) Email me proof of payment n please notify me of the same.

v) Once your items are ready for shipping, please settle the outstanding balance plus shipping costs within 48 hrs and again repeat step (iv).

Note: Items ordered with paid deposits are non-refundable. Thank you

Aug 18, 2009

Kupu2 Bracelet

Kupu2 bracelet (K2B)-Length 18cm-RM75

Aug 17, 2009

Small Butterfly Bracelet (SBB)

~This SBB collection is commonly a combination of two colours.U all can pick any of two colours u like n clip tu pun u can choose samada silver or gold. Tapi if u all nak sekaler je pun takpe ikut citarasa memasing(hehehe) Each-RM35







more crystal pearl bracelet

i) Light pink crystal pearl bracelet (CPB)-RM35

ii) Light blue CPB

Each bracelet-appro.length-16cm. Boleh if u all nak panjangkan lagi n cost lebih skit.Boleh customize jgk kalu nak lebihkan crystal dari crystal pearl.Cume cyrstal tu mahal skit dari crystal pearl-mcm2 kaler ade....ini sample je i tunjuk sini.

crystal n crsytal pearl

Dear frens, Since u all guys keep asking me to create a blog which we can share sthg here, so i kenala blaja upload2 ni.Byk pic bracelets yg i xsempat nk upload sini tapi brg2 tu i sure dh sampai ke u all yg order.Here some yg i tlg beli for my aunti (utk this coming raye la tu)

Mix crystal n crystal pearl-Each RM48

ii) Fancy Crystal Bracelet (FCB 1)-brown-RM18

iii) Fancy Crystal Bracelet (FCB 2)-pink-RM18

Both FCB kat atas tu fit for girl age 4-5(tapi depend on size wrist ur girl jgk k!)-u all bole ukur sendiri n kasi tau in cm.mind u, lagi pjg lagi mahal.

- crystal come in various colours(nanti ade masa i upload sample choice of colour)